1. Create account / Sign In

    Just create an account and you can earn bonus points. If you already have it just login to your account. Create account Login

  2. Make a order

    You can see how many points you will earn for every each product at the product page and in your cart. Just make a order and finish the payment.

  3. Waiting

    When your order will receive status - "finished", you will get E-mail and your bonus points will be added to your account. With your next order you can use it for discount.

Welcome to Rewards - special program which rewards our loyal customers for their purchases other activities, which they can use then for their next purchases and literally get more for less money. To enter our Rewards program all you need to do is create an account on our website.

10 Bonus Points = 1 EUR.

You can pay 50% of your order value with points.

Points from the order that was payed with points, will be added to your account only for part, that you pay with money.

We don't add bonus points for the custom order, that was created just for you.