Gearboost boosting service FAQ page, here you can see answers for a lot of popular questions.

Is it safe?

Yep, it's safe. If you select "selfplay" boosting method. When we take your order with "account share" method and work on it we follow a lot of rules for safety boosting. For example we didn't answer any PM or chat requests, we always use VPN and it's looks like you play in WoW from another computer. 99% of services is safety with account sharing too, most dangerous boosting services with accplay is: Mythic raids boost, PvP Arena Rating boost. Other services is safety, we didn't see banned account for reputation, achievement, leveling, dungeons or any other boosting. So, if you want to defend your account from sanctions, just use "selfplay" method for dangerous services (mythic raids, pvp).

How can i track how's my order going?

You always can request status of your order from our online chat or you can ask a online stream, we always glad to provide you all information for your order.

Do you see my payment data?

We didn't see any data that linked with your payment. We didn't see card number or card holder name when you put it in fields when you pay for service. All of your data protected by https protocol.

I've just place a order, what i have to do?

When you will finish your payment our manager will reach you by contact details that you put in your order (whatsapp, btag, char name, server name). He will tell you all information and details about your order. You can ask him anything.

Where can i track my bonus point balance?

You can see your bonus points balance in your account, just follow the link at the top right angle of the site and login your account, in your account menu you will see "Your Reward Points" button, just push it and you will be redirected to bonus points page.