About Us

About Us

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The gearboost.eu was founded in 2018 by players of one notorious Russian guild in order to help players in obtaining achievements, items, game currency. Our guild has been on the market for more than 6 years, since 2012 we have been fulfilling orders for boosting services in World of Warcraft.

Why us:

  • Acceptable prices without mark-ups as on third-party popular and recognizable by all resources.
  • The possibility of boosting directly, without intermediaries, which gives us such favorable prices.
  • Many years of experience in the execution of orders like mounts, mythic raids, mythic+ dungeons.


  • Long-term experience allows us to achieve the fastest and most qualitative execution of the order, both from our guild and from our partners.
  • Each performer is chosen very carefully.
  • We always make sure that in raids that are not led by us, there were no misunderstandings, you always get what you paid for.
  • For each order there is an archive with screenshots loot from the bosses, in which there is evidence that you were in the raid and received exactly those services for which you paid.


  • All customers who transmit their account information may not worry that they will fall into the hands of scammers. We never ask for an answer to a secret question, we do not transfer data to third parties not participating in the execution of your order.
  • Your payment data is not transmitted to our site, it is securely encrypted with the help of payment system protection of PayPal, PaySera and etc.

The Professional Players.

Our guild always has taken the best places from the best Russian guilds. And in the top 20 of the world guilds. Our guild roster has over than 40 professional players who love that work and want to do it quality.

The schedule is very flexible, we start the raiding every day from 5 pm and finish at 12 pm. We have a lot of heroic and normal raids every day, our team always ready to start mythic+/leveling/farm. We always to finish the actual mythic raid and ready to boost him for you.