9.2.5 Zone Updates

In patch 9.2.5, the heroic Horde and, under cover, the Alliance have returned to Lordaeron to rebuild it from a plague to take over and control in hopes of being restored and returned as the capital of the Forsaken. As was widely seen during PTR testing, Tirisfal Glades has undergone some changes, most notably in Brill and the Ruins of Lordaeron. 

Ruinds of Lordaeron

  • After completing the chain and clearing the plague, the player can visit the outer part of the Ruins of Lordaeron, but will not be able to go down to the Undercity itself, since the elevators do not work. Part of the plague has been removed, and what remains no longer causes harm.
  • The ruins of Lordaeron are now guarded by Dark Rangers, Undercity abominations, and bat riders. After completing the story, they become hostile to Alliance players.
  • On the right side of the ruins of Lordaeron, the player can find members of the Grim Council and some famous Forsaken characters: Pale Mistress Calia Menethil, Pale Mistress Derek Proudmoore's hero, Lilian Voss, Alonsus Faola, Captain Amalia Stone, Dark Ranger Velonara, Delaryn Summermoon, and others.
  • Also found in the ruins of Lordaeron are many active merchants and NPCs from the original Undercity, and various decorations hinting that the Forsaken are about to return to the capital and rebuild it. Among them are Forsaken refugees who were previously in Orgrimmar.
  • In the ruins of Lordaeron, next to the sphere in Silvermoon, a point appeared with portals to some corners of the world, which replaced the destroyed airship tower: from here you can be transported to Orgrimmar, Stranglethorn and Howling Fjord.

Tirisfal Glades

  • The part of the plague in front of the Ruins of Lordaeron has disappeared, and the part that remains no longer deals damage.
  • The Forsaken and the Horde have regained control of Brill and begun to rebuild it after being destroyed during the Siege of Lordaeron prior to Battle for Azeroth, so scaffolding, rocks, planks and workers can be seen everywhere.
  • Many of the NPCs, characters, and merchants that were originally present have returned to Brill. Here again, there is a flight controller linked to the main air taxi network.
  • While the Forsaken are primarily focused on restoring existing structures that have been replaced with similar, more modern versions, there are also a few new additions, such as awnings and tents borrowed from Battle for Azeroth.
  • Skeletons of characters who died during the Siege of Lordaeron walk along the scar in Tirisfal Glades, which the player, among other things, destroyed during the new storyline, and they have level 60.
  • The player can still contact Zidormi to switch to the Cataclysm version of the location.

All other areas of the location outside of Brill, the Ruins of Lordaeron and the central scar remained unchanged and are presented in their form from Cataclysm. You can see all the changes in the video below.