World of Warcraft Boosting Service GearBoost.EU

Our service can offer you the best quality service in World of Warcraft.
The most important thing in this business its safety and speed of boosting, the biggest part of our service can be finished at the day of the order(like mythic+, heroic/normal raids, loot raids, dungeons, leveling, PvP services, reputation boost, World Quest farm)
Our service offers you a flexible price policy if you find cheaper than our service, we always offer you a better price.
If you want boost your item level in world of warcraft for any level, we can help you. You can contact with our online manager or in support skype and you can ask him about the service you want. Maybe it's unique item level boost or achievement farm, artifact power farm. We have a huge boosting team, with big experience. If you want to ask about our shop or another thing, we will gladly answer any questions.

What about the security of my account?
We ask you do not log in on your account 24 hours before and after complete the order, it will secure you from blizzard sanctions to you. (if you choose shareplay boosting type)
If you choose self-play, please don't ask about loot or another thing in in-game chat, you always can talk about all things with the online manager or at skype support(please don't forget your order number)
It's requirements rules of safety boosting.
Our drivers already use VPN of your country and we know all ways to secure you, but there are incidents when it's useless.

Team expirience
On this market, we are from 2012, but online-shop it's our first experience, but world of warcraft boosting is always been in high quality.
We have a lot of professional players in our team, we always reach a highest position in guild top, we are always in top 10 alliance world guilds, we started to play WoW in 2006.
It's a big count of items for our client in mythic or heroic run.
It's incredible discounts for our customers.
Do you want mythic Argus kill or another hard boss? We can do this extremely fast. Do you want a rare mount? We can do this and we can do it ourselves, we are the professional team.