WoW Raids Services and Carries

Buy WoW Raid Carry Boost from top guilds, raids this is the best way to earn most powerful items in game, our service will help you to loot it with guarantees and with no effort

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WoW Raid Services

WoW Raids is fastest way to obtain gear in game, usually actual raid includes 8-10 bosses with all types of loot, weapons, armor, trinkets, rings. Our raid boost can offer you service that can increase a lot your gearing, our customers may loot up to 14 items for one run. How it works? We take you in one of our guild runs, you can add traders to your run, so all of your traders will trade their loot to your character, usually for one run 1x character can loot 1-2 items, so with 7 traders you will get 7-14 items per run, depends on random. Our bad luck protection system(guaranteed slots per raid) protect you from bad loot, if you will loot less than we promise with current amount of traders, you will get one more time until the moment when you get your guaranteed items.

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