60 Character Leveling Boost WoW: Shadowlands

Fast run, seller contacted me about any updates regarding my run. Was really nice and supportive. The price was really fair and generous. Loved it. Gonna buy something again if needed.

Ny'Alotha Mythic X-realm!

without realm transfer, lowest price, selfplay, 475+ loot.

Product description:

This service is a pre-order, we will start to work on your order at WoW: Shadowlands(9.0 patch) release. In the Shadowlands expansion leveling was redesigned. Your 120 level character will become level 50. The new level cap in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is 60(was decreased from 120). We will log to your account and improve your character level to 60. We will boost you by the quests. Power-leveling boost from 50 to 60 lvl, for your world of warcraft: shadowlands character, we will start at the first day of expansion. You can choose a delivery time(12/24/48/72 hours). You will be one of the first players who will reach 60 lvl. It's the best way to get 60 level character in the new expansion with no effort. With our Shadowlands Character Boost you'll get 60 level character, all in-game features which were farmed when we worked on your order(gold, currency and others). You can pre-order your leveling now and we will start when the servers will launched with 9.0 patch, so you will be one of the first players who will reach 60 lvl.

Save your time:

  • Leveling for 12/24/48/72 hours

Why us?

  • Huge boosting experience, more than 6 years
  • 24/7 support in online chat
  • Direct boosting by our guild.
  • The best price on the market!
  • Discount for loyal customers.
Just try and you will not be disappointed.

You will get:

  • 60 level character


  • 50 (for 50-60) level.
  • If non-selfplay method: Account sharing. We are using VPN services and we won't ask the secret question, so your account is safe.

Additional Options:

If you have more questions you can ask them by online chat/skype/e-mail. If you will find cheaper, we will make the best price for you! If you want a discount, contact our online manager!

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  • 60 Character Leveling Boost WoW: Shadowlands
  • Price: 79.95€

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