World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

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At the begining of the expansion a lot of players have a problem with gearing, leveling, some farm and a lot of new things in brand new patch. We offer the best price gearing, leveling, raid boost and mythic+ services. Where the default player will waste a lot of time for farm, you will get your items much faster than others. In the "Castle Nathria raid" you can obtain the best loot and earn new achievements, mounts, pets.

With shadowlands comes a lot of objectives for your character that we can help you with. Enjoy the game on the powerful character with the best gear. Our boosting service always glad to work.

Item level in the Castle Nathria raid:

  • LFR - 187
  • Normal - 200
  • Heroic - 213(220 from two last bosses)
  • Mythic - 226(233 from two last bosses)


  • Convenant System
  • Torghast, Tower of The Damned
  • New level cap - 60
  • New Abilities and Talents.

Our normal and heroic boosts will start from the first day of the week when Ny'Alotha will release, first raids take a lot of time, it can be two-three days. Mythic boost will be available when our guild will kill all bosses of the new raid, usually, it's one month(after mythic release). You can buy Ny'Alotha Allseer mount from our guild and will be one of the first players in the world, who will receive him.

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