TBC Professions

TBC Classic Professions Leveling Boost ⼯ is the easiest way to boost your primary or secondary profession in Burning Crusade.

TBC Professions PRODUCTS

Burning Crusade Classic Professions

In World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade each character must have two primary and three secondary professions to be useful in raids. To leveling up your profession skill you should waste a lot of time and gold. Our service offers you TBC Classic Professions Powerleveling by the best price and with short delivery time.

How the Professions Boost Work

We have a lot of experienced players who can level your profession with maximal efficiency, we will grind all resources, farm all needs that may need for leveling. We will schedule the time when we play to not waste your playing time, so for example you can play at day, we can play at night.

TBC Classic Professions Boost Description

Before the start play should to choose right proffession, below we will write about every each profession and how she can be useful for you.

TBC Classic Professions available for level 300 boosting:

  • Alchemy (375) - flasks, potions, elixisrs;
  • Jewelcrafting (375) - New Profession in BC, that can grants you possibility to craft gems, rings, neckales;
  • Blacksmithing (375) - Plate and Mail Armor crafting;
  • Enchanting (375) - Must Have Profession, you can add stat bonuses to your and other players items, very useful for gold farm;
  • Engineering (375) - A lot of different goods, you can craft Engineer glasses, most useful in PvP;
  • Herbalism (375) - Herbalism is very useful for Alchemy, resources for flasks, pots, elixirs;
  • Leatherworking (375) - Leather Armor crafting, armor pads;
  • Skining (375) - Farm resources to leveling Leatherworking;
  • Tailoring (375) - Cloth Armor Crafting;

Secondary Professions:

  • Cooking (375) - food with bonus stats for raiding, very useful for gold farm;
  • First Aid (375) - healing bandages, you can use it on you or your allies;
  • Fishing (375) - farm resources for Alchemy and Cooking;

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