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Horrific Visions

Buy the Horrific Visions boost, we will increase your legendary cloak level. The fastest way to improve your character. Professional players will help you.


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Product description:

In the Visions of N'Zoth patch Horrific Visions challenge is very profitable, with 5 masks you can loot 470 ilvl item from the horrific visions chest. Our driver can play on your character and make this run solo or you can go with us in 5-ppl group and we will boost you through the horrific vision. Every each mask will add +5 ilvl to your main reward. Also if you will farm enough mementos you can add socket to every each piece of your gear. All of horrific visions farm you can buy here. Also horrific visions was made for legendary cloak leveling, we can increase the level of your cloak with this boost.

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  • Huge experience boosting, more than 6 years
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  • Boost by top our guild
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  • Big discounts for next orders
Just try and you will not be disappointed.

You will get:

  • Quest items for your leveling.
  • 430-470 item once per week.
  • Corrupted Mementos for researching of new traits for horrific visions
  • OR .


  • 120 level.
  • Vessel of Horrific Visionsx1(for one run)
  • Account sharing. We are use VPN services and we don't ask your secret question, so your account protected from theft.

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