Sanctum Of Domination Raid Boost

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Sanctum of Domination

The second raid of Shadowlands expansion located in The Maw. Sire Denathrius defeated, but jailer is still gaining strength. Heroes of Azeroth must to accept new challenge and defeat the Jailer powers. In the new raid you have to kill new 10 bosses, like a Eye of the Jailer. In this raid we got a lot of new mechanics and rewards for the heroes. Our Sanctum of Domination boost will help you to farm whole dungeon very smooth. At the first weeks raid will be insanely hard and you must to spend a lot of time and nervous. We will help you to earn most value reward from Great Vault and chance to loot BiS items from the raid.


In normal difficulty we have a 226 item level, in heroic you can loot the ??? item level. In mythic difficulty you will get the best rewards in game with ??? item level. If you will kill all bosses of Sanctum of Domination you will get 3 items to choose in your Great Vault.

Sanctum of Domination Services

Our guild can provide you help with all possibily objectives in Sanctum of Domination. We can farm every each boss separately with you, also we can offer 10/10 run. We can help you to earn Glory of the Sanctum of Domination raider achievement and kill last boss in every each difficulty. When you bought single bosses boost we can't provide traders, so you can kill them only with personal loot.

How is the boost goes?

After purchasing our manager will contact you through Discord/Skype/WhatsApp/E-Mail and will tell your raid date and time. Our guild will invite you in party and port you to raid, we will kill bosses that you need. All loot that your traders will earn during the boost, will be traded to you in the end of dungeon. You can ask the manager nicknames of your traders or initiate instant trade if you need it.


Sanctum of domination raid placed in The Maw location.