Hidden Changes in 9.2.5

Each more or less major update contains many small fixes and new features, which for one reason or another are not indicated by the developers in the official description. 9.2.5 was no exception to this rule, and we collected undocumented changes and some new features.

There are very few such changes this time, and most of the little things were mentioned by the developers in official description. The following are just some of the findings, with the exception of obvious malfunctions.


  • Through faction play, users can now mail items and gold between Horde and Alliance characters on their account on the same server.
  • The womb in the sky of Oribos shrunk and returned to the state it was in at the start of Shadowlands.
  • The aura of Mythic+ Dungeons, which scales health and damage depending on the level of the key, now works even on those creatures that were not previously affected by it (the developers later compensated for this change by greatly weakening such opponents).
  • Players can now use all covenant weapon enchantment illusions regardless of their current covenant.
  • Cartel Leader Zee's Crossbow and probably some other items have been slightly remodeled.
  • Protobirds from Zeret Mortis flew to Oribos.
  • The coloring of the right shoulder pad of the Tomb of Sargeras Demon Hunter class set has been corrected.
  • The Empty Stone Soup Pot no longer has a fill bar above it.
  • An issue with proto-drake camera shift in flight has been fixed.
  • The red Corrupted Deathbringer of the Waste from Season 3's Lord of the Keys has had its green glow removed.
  • Some two-handed blunts now look better when sheathed.
  • Massive stables of unknown purpose have appeared in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • In Oribos, you can hear new (off-chain) dialogue between Khadgar and Jaina, and Bolvar and Taelia.
  • Faithful Lupine has received a new flight animation.