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A professional guild's advantage and how to level up

Gamers always strive to get the best result and boost their ranking. To that end, they have to spend a lot of time on skill leveling. For example, in The Burning Crusade, it takes 5 days and 12 hours a day to get to level 70. It's not easy to balance it with work or study.

You can do it yourself and waste a lot of time, or you can have someone else do it for you. We're talking about the services of a professional guild, which saves you a lot of time and gets you to your goal.

Our ( community includes only trusted players and the best squads, the guild professionals reach the highest level in a matter of hours. We work without intermediaries; we have six years of experience in Mounts, Mythic raids, and Mythic dungeons.

Our services allow gamers to enjoy the game, get 24/7 support and advice, become better players, save time, and get full support during the order fulfillment and even after. Do you want to get professional support, have a leading position, and significantly improve your game style? In this case, you can use our services to get the fastest and best results with the help of our guild and partners.

How to choose the right guild

If a gamer needs to quickly get through the difficult parts of a game, he better uses professional guild services. There are only high-level players that get the best result.

Choosing a guild is a topical issue and needs to be considered. The gamer, paying for the service of professional players, should get a guarantee, quality, and transaction safety. But how to find the right one to work with for a long time?

  • Forums and communities. Players and guilds from all WoW servers communicate in chats. You will get a clear understanding of the topic, find like-minded people, and define what guild to look for.
  • Explore the selected guilds in WoW to check their game achievements.
  • Talk to the guild leader about its raid time, specialty, experience to get an idea if this guild will work out for you.
  • Read reviews and talk to people to get the most information about the guild, which will help you make the right decision.

Our guild constantly improves the quality of services provided in World of Warcraft. Our customer reviews are available, and you can use them to evaluate our services' quality. We have over 40 professional players who like what they do. We fulfill orders without intermediaries, which is why we have reasonable prices. We invite you to chat live at (, where a professional player will address all your questions.