Developer Comments on Crafting Writ System Changes – November 4

With the Dragonflight beta build released today, we've made a few changes and improvements to the crafting order system in a separate post on the official forums.

  • Now, for public orders, the customer must provide all the basic materials (private and guild orders remained unchanged), which should help the contractor quickly understand how much he will receive for the order and whether it is worth taking on. Optional reagents may be provided by either party, as before.
  • When placing an order, there is now an option to track recipe materials, making it easier for the customer to collect them. There is no such option for rebuild orders.
  • Customers can now add recipes when posting or viewing completed favorites. There is no such option for rebuild orders.
  • Also, when placing a public order, if orders for a similar item have already been placed by someone, the system will automatically take the highest price from them and add 1 silver.
  • Rebuild bounties can now only be placed privately or for a guild to avoid instances of random players downgrading items. The option to place public orders for re-creation may be introduced in a future update.
  • An item now has a "+" icon next to the level of an item that has multiple quality levels, and hovering over a level will show all possible item levels for all quality levels, with a note about optional reagents.