About Us

The gearboost.eu was founded in 2018 by players of one notorious EU guild in order to help players in obtaining achievements, items, game currency.

gearboost - Boosting Service

gearboost.eu service was founded since 2018 by players of one notorious EU community that started to sell in World of Warcraft, we providing services in online games. At the begning we just was a players who offer his help in game chat for in-game currency, that was a long time ago. Our team is 300+ professional players with huge experience in MMORPG, we played in WoW, PoE, CS:GO, Dota, Tera and a lot of different online games, where we was best.

What is your job?

We provide everything in online games, if someone need help to farm something or reach a high rank, we can help! Just imagine, you start to play in new online game, on release you must to play 24/7 to keep up with other players, but you can’t spent so a lot of time to game at this moment. You can ask us to level your character or farm gear.

We can set up the stream for every each order and you can track how is order going before it's done. We provide support during your order in progress and after that, so you can ask us anything and our support will try to help you as fast as we can.

Why you should choose us?

  1. We are in contact with our client throughout the entire interaction with us.
  2. Our refund policy is very fair, if you change your mind when your order in progress, you can request partial refund. If you change your mind before service started, we initiate refund with no questions.
  3. We care about your personal data, we don’t let your personal data to third party persons. If you leave your e-mail there, you can be sure that he will used only for communication with us.
  4. High quality.
  5. Online support in Discord, Web, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, E-Mail.
  6. We are really care about you.